About Us

Hog Roast HinckleyOnce you contact Hog Roast Hinckley, you’ll see that we’re a friendly bunch who know what we’re talking about, after being highly trained and spending years gaining experience. We cater so many kinds of events and parties, from corporate functions to birthday parties, and weddings to school fetes, and while a hog roast in particular goes a long way to feed large groups, we also have the capabilities of providing alternative or additional food options and we cater small parties, too. Whether you need a lavish menu created for your wedding or a simple menu of our tasty pigs in buns, or anything else in-between, Hog Roast Hinckley is proud to serve anything and everything, as long as it means you and your guests can all enjoy our food on your special occasion.


You may need special diets covering, like vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, or you may want sides, desserts or a drinks service, or you may even request a meat other than a hog roast, like a spit-roast or our Southern Slow Roast Menu; your needs are our priority. Our Hog Roast Hinckley chefs sure do cook a mean hog roast that’s loved by many but we also understand that flexibility and providing choice and variety are all key when catering the masses. You can choose from our menus, mix and match menus or even devise your own if you’d prefer, and we’ll help you where needed. You can add various potato or salad options or seasonal vegetables, ask us to barbecue burgers and sausages or to make some of our own canapés or desserts. After all, it should be your choice of food at your party or event.


Hog Roast HinckleyOur repeat customers say that our amazing hog roast centrepieces are clearly the best in town, and we tend to agree! We’ve perfected them over many years, ensuring that we use locally-sourced pigs that are as fresh as can be, lovingly preparing the meat before letting them slowly cook for several hours. What we end up with is the crunchiest, tastiest crackling on the outside and the moistest, most tender meat on the inside, and together with our homemade sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce, we create the best hog roast you’ll have ever tried. So book Hog Roast Hinckley today and try one for yourself.